Classic Bikini - $60

Keep it simple and sophisticated. Great for teens or ladies looking for a basic clean up. The classic bikini shaping removes unwanted hair from the sides and off the top. You may wear your favorite bikini bottoms or undies during the service or a paper thong will be provided.


Almost Bare Bikini  - $70

Extend your bikini line to remove hair further in and underneath. You are left with a "love patch" in front and down the middle. Does not include lips nor booty service.


Playboy Strip - $80

Get your landing strip on. Remove all hair on inner, outer, mostly above, and of course, full booty service.


Bare Naked Brazilian - $85

Just as the name implies, no hair is left "behind"... Get it?

Full Vagina Facial - $130

We know everyone loves a pretty vagina. So why not conquer those pesky breakouts and ingrown hairs. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, and vagina magic healing potions

All Hard Wax Brazilian - $95


Pie Slice Service - $55

Get rid of unwanted hair between cheeks and down the crack.

Booty Cheeks - $65

Get your derriere soft as a baby's bum! Removes all fuzz from right above your crack, all the way down to the bottom of your cheeks, and both sides of the hips.

The Boyzilian - $120

Because hair is soooo 1999, this is not an option; it's mandatory. We'll clean up the top and sides of your assets while avoiding the sensitive areas.


The Manzilian - $150

Gone, baby. Gone. All hair gone, including the crack, We'll be nice... promise! ;)

Additional Waxing Services



     Eyebrow Shaping    $60

     Eyebrow Tweeze     $60

     Lip                        $20

     Under Lip               $20

     Side Burns              $20

     Forehead                $20

     Full Face w/ Brows  $150

     Ears                      $20

     Nasal                    $20

     Chin                      $20

     Neck                     $20



     Under Arm             $35

     Areola                   $20

     Full Arm                 $80

     Half Arm                $50

     Chest                    $45

     Full Back                $85

     Half Back               $55

     Shoulders               $35

     Stomach                $50

     Happy Trail            $15

     Hands                   $20


     Half Leg - Lower      $60

     Half Leg - Upper      $60

     Full Leg                  $115

     Feet                      $15

     Inner Thigh             $35